Biloxi Buses

Biloxi is a casino town. There are several shuttles or "casino hoppers", which are inexpensive buses that go from casino to casino, and around the sites of Biloxi. Here are some of them:

Beachcomber Trolly
Biloxi Beachcomber Trolley
The Gulf Coast has created a bus called the Beachcomber Trolley. It is run by the Gulf Coast public transportation system and it runs between all the attractions of Bilxoi and Gulfport. It stops at every casino and runs from dawn til dusk. There are senior and student discounts and for the disabled.

City Bus
Biloxi City Bus
The city bus of Biloxi and Gulfport runs along set routes that are listed at standard bus routes along Beach Boulevard. The fares are listed below. The bus runs on a 25 minute schedule and the times are listed on the respective bus stops.

The Gulfport Transit Center, Edgewater Mall and the Biloxi Transit Center are major dividing lines between fare zones. No matter which bus you are taking, you must pay for another fare when you reach one of these fare zones. Route termination fare zones are located at the WIN Center on Route 37, the Biloxi Transit Center on the Casino Hopper and Wal-mart on Route 7. You must pay for another fare when you reach one of these fare zones. Thank you for riding Coast Transit Authority!

Regular Adult Fare (Single Ride) - $ 1.00
Senior Citizens (with Proper ID) - $ .50

Biloxi Bus

Biloxi Tour Train

Biloxi Tour Train
This is a great way to spend some time out of the casinos. The Biloxi Tour Train has been showing tourists some of the more historic side of Biloxi for over 40 years. It has been called the "Shrimp Train" and goes for 90 minutes through sites like the Ancient Oaks at Tullis Manor, the Biloxi Lighthouse, the Old People's bank, and many more. Katrina damaged but not destroyed these states treasures and the tour is worth the money.

Prices are as follows:

Adults $13.00
Seniors $12.00
Children $5.00
Under 5 Free

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